HORAIRES du Lundi au Dimanche de 07h00 à 20h00

To book or offer a paragliding baptism, do not hesitate !

0692 441 600

(Only on-site excursions for autonomous solo pilots from around the world licensed & of a level Minimum Pilot License not knowing Reunion Island and its flight sitesl).


excursions sur site insulair

We offer an air-conditioned shuttle with driver for the day to ensure unlimited transfers from your tourist residence to different sites of free flight among the score that counts our beautiful island according to the weather conditions of the day.
The recovery on the various landings & places of "vachage" for each pilot will also be assured by us (with a cool drink to welcome you once posed, the little more appreciable ...).

After a beautiful day of flight, you will then be escorted back to your place of residence where you will tell your beautiful moments in the air as an aperitif.

Excursions on sites for solo pilots from 60 € / day / pers (for a crew of 8 pilots on a day of 10h on the West zone).

Rates according to the zone between the residence of residence and the free flight sites & the number of pilots


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N.B: Our responsibility is limited only to the transport of people during the various transfers, any technical responsibility in flight is held by the licensed driver (so
insured for all litigation & accident) as part of the practice of free flight. Its qualification as a minimum pilot certificate guarantees a level of practice adapted to all sites and in all aerological and meteorological conditions..


If you also want to go paragliding in Reunion, do not hesitate to book your flight, contact us directly by phone at 0692 441 600 or fill our booking form, we will be happy to call you back as soon as possible.