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To book or offer a paragliding baptism, do not hesitate !

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Colimaçons Saint-Leu 800 

Baptisms paragliding rates in Reunion


Take-off altitude: 800 m          

Flight time: 30/45 mn*


From mid-morning when the sun begins to generate updraughts of hot air called "thermal", your pilot will be able to exploit this mass of air conducive to gain height to walk you to raz-the-clouds , further and above all longer for an unforgettable paragliding flight at Réunion Island ! It is possible to choose this formula for a baptism if you have less apprehension and like the sensations of freedom in 3D. You will have more height above the coral reef to be able to discover the joys of the acrobatics and to be able to pilot for those who wish it. It is the best quality / price ratio of our formulas.


*Paragliding is an activity entirely dependent on the weather conditions of the day, flights of duration will not necessarily guaranteed so the rates will be adjusted to the appropriate formula depending on the duration of the event if the goal could not be achieve.

Remember to book your paragliding flight at the beginning of your stay because we are in a tropical climate with a very variable weather in case it should postpone your flight in case of bad conditions (wind or rain).

Pictures & videos of your paragliding flight and paragliding in Reunion :

Photo report (50 photos minimum): 15 €

Photos & videos report: 25 €

(It will be sent directly to you by e-mail via "WeTransfert" after your flight).