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To book or offer a paragliding baptism, do not hesitate !

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Chaloupe St-Leu 1500 

Baptisms paragliding rates in Reunion


Take-off altitude: 1500 m          

Flight time: 25/35 mn*

(2 people minimum)


For the "early birds" at your baptism in Reunion Island, enjoy the first lights of the day by paragliding flying over all our primary forest of St-Leu & its tamarins taking off from 1500m from a pasture with a view panoramic view on most of the west coast and its lagoons all in an incredible softness in term of aerological conditions! You will have the opportunity to fly over the whole village of St-Leu & its lagoon before returning to Kélonia to go to as.


*Paragliding is an activity entirely dependent on the weather conditions of the day, flights of duration will not necessarily guaranteed so the rates will be adjusted to the appropriate formula depending on the duration of the event if the goal could not be achieve.

Remember to book your paragliding flight at the beginning of your stay because we are in a tropical climate with a very variable weather in case it should postpone your flight in case of bad conditions (wind or rain).


Pictures & videos of your paragliding flight and paragliding in Reunion :

Photo report (40 photos minimum): 15 €

Photos & videos report: 25 €

(It will be sent directly to you by e-mail via "WeTransfert" after your flight).